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"Tuba player Richard White knows just how to make his deep pitched brass instrument growl. But very "few" know the story behind "how" the Baltimore native made it to the big stage."


"Richard Antoine White looks back on his life — poverty and an unsettled family life growing up in Sandtown; tuba studies at the Baltimore School for the Arts, Peabody Institute and Indiana University; his current jobs with the New Mexico Philharmonic and University of New Mexico."

The Washington Post

"A Tuba Player's Journey from Sandtown to the Symphony." 


"From homelessness, to performing in symphony halls across the world. Two local award winning filmmakers and Fox 45 alumni, have teamed up to tell the story of resilience and survival."


"They say practice makes perfect, but perseverance also has a big role. Baltimore native and tuba player Dr. Richard White knows this all too well."


"It was strange for Richard White to see the fountain again, he said. As a 3-year-old boy, he was homeless and the fountain, in a park in the West Baltimore neighborhood of Sandtown-Winchester, was where he would drink and also wash himself."

The Daily Beast

"What began as a film about arts education in the country being under-appreciated and under-funded turned into a documentary about a Baltimore native with a remarkable story."

Baltimore Magazine


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